A Friendship Key Chain Bracelet


Hallo beautiful DIY-ers….

I have promised you to upload a video of how I made this bracelets. But first , I want to tell you that … yes… it made from key chains.

Actually I was inspired by this Friendship Chain Bracelet by Anne. I have realised that a square knot was an original idea of ‘friendship bracelet’. You will tie the bracelet on your friend’s hand. So no matter what material you use, you can ended with a simple square knot.

Chain bracelet is so beautiful, but we can find the videos anywhere… also for some areas in Indonesia, it is not easy to find a big craft store who provide beautiful chains. I couldn’t find any beautiful and heavy chains. So I have decided to string up some key chains a use it as the chain. I was so happy to see how it turned up.

Here is the video… I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I’ll see you again next week.

PS : For those who never made a square knot…. I suggest you to use this video.


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