DIY Ruffle Skirt – A ‘Sarong’ Inspiration


What is Sarong? Wikipedia have many details about it. Overall, it’s a  is a large tube or length of fabric that popular in some areas of South East Asia, including Indonesia. So, I will tell you how it work in Indonesia.

Sarung, that is how we write it. You can almost find it in every house in Indonesia. Since Indonesia is a moslem majority population, at least all moslems have it. They use it to praying (sholat). But the meaning of Sarung in our society is more that something to wear when you are praying. It is more like a lifestyle for Indonesian.

If you come to Indonesia, you can find some people (male especially) wearing it in public area, while riding a bike or even motorcycle. Our old generations wear sarung at home, all day, even when they receiving some guest. Some kind of Sarung can also be worn in a formal occasion like wedding. About 80% of our traditional outfits have Sarung as a skirt for man or woman. So we have formal and non formal Sarung, here in Indonesia.

The above pictures are some samples of non-formal sarung. This kind of sarung usually made from a super comfortable cotton fabric. It is even more comfortable when it aging. That is why this kind of sarung is almost available in every house, for some functions; as a daily outfit for our grandfathers (or other old man), as a praying outfit, and also as a blanket. Therefore, sarung is a symbol of tradition, comfort and … home.

So, why sarung as my inspiration this week?

One day, while waiting for a friend, praying inside a mosque, I took the above pictures to show you how beautiful the colors and patterns we have on those sarungs. They are also quite thick to be ….. a skirt. And since they comes already in a tube, they are very easy to be a ruffle skirt.

My mother in law gave me a beautiful orange sarung below with green and blue pattern.


And I have turned it into a ruffle skirt below.


And in case you have a sarung (or other tube fabrics) and want to refashion it like mine, you may follow my process below;


Cut the sarung to the length you desire + 2 inches for seam allowances.


Find the connector line, put the zipper above it and mark.


Undo the stitch until you find your mark.


Set the zipper like the above pictures, pin and sew.


Using two needles, make a baste stitch one line to the left, one line to the right.


The two stitch will meet in the center of other side, like the above picture.



Pull the threads to make ruffles. Manage the round close to your waist measurement. Also, manage the ruffles balance, make sure they are same in every parts.


Waistband process: Take the fabric excess and cut it to; length (waist lenght + 5 inches) x width 4 inches.


Fold and mark the waistband your actual waist length. Pin it unto the ruffle, like the above pictures. Make sure your actual waist mark placed on the zipper line and sew to connect the ruffle and the waistband.


Cut the length excess, fold inside the waistband end, iron or pin, than sew the edges. And finally sew the snap hook.

And voila! I have my new skirt!



See next week, beautiful ladies!


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