Easy Maxi Skirt | From Casual to Formal


Maxi skirt or maxi dress is my favorite wardrobe. They are like a day saver for me, things that I could grab easily when I have no time to mix and match my outfit or … you know some lazy days. You can see me wearing them anytime.


Three reasons; they are comfortable, chic, and flexible for any occasions.

Now let me tell you some stories behind the above reasons;

I live in Yogyakarta, one of five big cities in Indonesia. And as you can see on the map, some areas is Indonesia are exactly below the equator. So, yeah… we are a tropical country. We got 26 ° to 34 ° Celsius all over the year. Therefore… a cotton maxi skirt or dress? Yes, please!

Yogyakarta is Indonesian city of art. There are so many art works exhibitions, music and dance performances, they are comes together with culture’s and tradition’s rituals, and they happens almost every week. So unlike Italy and Paris, in Yogyakarta, art comes with Indonesian nature and human characteristic. They perform in a humble and natural ways, far away from glamourous and spotlights. And I am a loyal member of that events.

Many events that related to cultures and traditions require us to ‘sit on the floor’ (lesehan). It’s a symbol of modesty, simplicity and togetherness. Indonesian houses excuse us to not have sofa or chairs in our receiving areas. So when visiting friend’s house, we will be OK to sit on carpets or rattan mats. Now you know why I love maxi skirt and maxi dress… Yes! To covered up all over my legs in case I need to sit on the floor while watching wayang or others performance art. I can sit in… so many ‘styles’ without being rude. See how they are really flexible in my many occasions?

Ow, don’t forget that they are chic. A wardrobe that can help you to be flexible, comfortable and stay chic… from hang out to party; a maxi skirt. Also, it’s very easy to make. So I made one, recently. And today I’m going to show you my super easy process below.

Hope you’ll enjoy it.

You will need 1,5 meters of fabrics and if it is too thin, like mine, than you’ll need one dark fabric as a layer. And of course, you will need some sewing tools.


Cut your fabrics.

Main fabric : Length (2 times your hips round) x Width (the fabric’s real width).

Layer fabric : Length  (2 times your hips round) x Width (measurement: waist to knees + 1 inch).

If you don’t need any layer, than you can jump unto photo number fourth.


Pile the main and layer fabric (right side to right side), pin and sew.


Iron on the stitch line to make the next process easier.


Spread all the sewed fabrics, fold into two, like in the picture (right side facing the right side), pin, and sew.


Turn to show the right side, just like the above picture. Placed the previous stitch in the center.

Fold inside your fabric or your layer fabric.

Measure the smallest part of your waist (+1 inch), that is your elastic length.


Sew around the waist line (width: 1,5 times of elastic width)

Leave  3 inches space to slip the elastic.


Slip the elastic through the 3 inches whole, pile and sew both ends.

Better with double threads and hand sewing.


close the 3 inches space by sewing

Enjoy your new maxi skirt!

galeri sebelum



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