DIY Rainbow Hair Comb


I’m preparing for my friend’s wedding recently. This is a special wedding for me because she’s like a sister. I will do her make up and hair. I have decided to make all the hair accessories with my hands and going to share all the tutorials here. Last weekend, I did a trial on making a hair comb. The one for the bride should be in white and silver colors. So I used my colorful beads for trial and this is the result that I will share the process with you.

Here we go!

I use this medium hair comb with 3 inches length.


And some colorful beads.


Also some wires and pliers (no pictures).

First you need to design your hair comb shape and colors by construct them on a white base.


The next process is all about cutting and twisting the wires. Don’t forget to leave at least one centimeter every time you cut the wires, you will need it to apply the beads on the hair comb.

Be creative and enjoy this process, you need to combine the wires shapes with the beads colors. Don’t be afraid to do mistake, it’s just wires, you can undo them and start all over again. If you find any loose wires, simply twist the wire to the same directions and it’ll safe.



Last step is covering the hair combs with some bigger beads. You can do that simply by wrapping a cluster of beads, using wire, on the hair comb line. Just like the picture below.


And done.


It is ready to put on your updos.



Oh, friend. This is my first hair comb, please excuse the mess. I will share when I make another better and hopefully that one is for the bride. But overall, I really love the colors. I hope you like it too.


Have a nice week.


4 thoughts on “DIY Rainbow Hair Comb

    • Haaaa… You are absolutely right. When I wrote and reviewed this posting, I was like;’Is that all instructions that I can give?’
      Currently I’m working for the bridal version. Practice makes better. I can’t wait to share the process, soon after the wedding.

      Thank you so much for stopped by!

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