FUN SEWING | Copying An Existing Garment’s Pattern


I am on fire for sewing learning nowadays. My favorite method is ‘copying a pattern’ from my existing clothes. Some great peoples have shared their tutorial on it. My favorite is this tutorial. And if you have more time, check out this and this videos.
Right now I already have a list of my favorite clothes and planning to ‘repro’ them into other colors, other material. They said when you are able to make your own pattern, than you will take control of the world. Hahahahh… How funnnnn!


So, I began with that comfy shirt of mine. I am having a problem on buying a shirt since I have big ‘bottom assets’. Sometimes when a shirt fitted very well from the neck to the waistline, it wasn’t fitted on my hips. Such a custom body! This shirt became my favorite because of the loose image and it is OK on my hips. Than I was ended made two sleeveless tops below using a copied pattern of that shirt.



Another fun thing on copying a garment pattern is… beside you can create a copy of your existing wardrobe, you can also customize them into something different. I am a big fan of low back shirts or dresses. So to created a lowback line of that yellow shirt, I have changed the front neckline into straight line and sharpen the backline arch (like the red lines in the picture below). And to make a sleeveless shirt I have reduced some inches of from the pattern, just like the picture below (the blue lines).


By adding a few more inches from the pattern we can create a dress out of a shirt pattern. I mean seriously, we can be so creative on it.


By the way that bow is actually not permanent. I love multifuctional clothes. I made it removable so I can turn the shirt into a basic top, without a bow.


I’ll see you next week ladies. Bye.


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