Five Minutes Arm Candy


Call me a conservative! But it is not easy for me to just stack so many colors on my arm. So my comment on the above picture is… weird. But maybe that’s because I need more time to play with compositions. Meanwhile, let me tell you what I have made. I created three bracelets that might be possible to be added on (my future) arm candies compositions. May this post also inspires you to add one or two in you arm candies collection. ( Than please teach me on how to wear them together! lol


I started with a roll of grosgrain ribbon that I bought from local Yogyakarta’s craftstore. It was IDR 2,000 per meter (around 0.2 USD). Yeah, I know that is cheap like crazy. I measured and cut it as my arm circumference than I heated the edge with a lighter to prevent any fray. Next, I covered the edges with a couple of ribbon clamps, added a jump ring, a hook and suddenly it became a bracelet. 😉


Than I did the most fun part… I embelished those flat bracelets. I sewed those charming gold buttons on the first bracelet, I glued those colorful beads on the second one, and I did the same to the third bracelet but this time using those silver glass beads.
Here is the pictures of them on my hand, but (unfortunately) not in the arm candy version. Sorry…. I told you I’m still learning. I’ll let you know when I’m ready. 😉




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