It’s been a while since my last refashion. So this week I have turned one of my maxi dress into a high low skirt. I choose that maxi dress because I wore it very rare; the length was not covered my entire legs (which made that dress not so ‘maxi’), also I think somehow it made my ‘pear shape’ body looks even more like …. a pear.

Why high low skirt? My main reason is because… I love skirts! Unfortunately, a short flowy skirts with a straight (or circle) cut usually looks good at the front side but went out too short at the back.  High low skirts are like an answered pray for girls  with a big ‘bottom assets’ like me. I also love that it can create a playful and chic look in the same time. That is why, I was really wanted to have one (or more).

Here was my processes:


1. I cutted the dress, exactly on the waist line, then I ironed it to make my next steps easier.
2. I laid the skirt with the front and back line at the edges. Than I drew the curved and length that I wanted plus 1 inch for seam allowance. The shorter part will be the front side.
3. I cutted the skirt on the line that I drew.
4. Waist line process: I folded and pinned the waist line for 1,5 inches wide (that was enough to slip the elastic).
5. I sewed on the pins marked but I left 2 inches space to slip the elastic.
6. I slipped the elastic, using a safety pin, through the waist line.
7. I made a lap between the two elastic ends and sew them together, slip-hide the elastic and sew the space.
8. I hem the skirt’s bottom edge. (Sorry, no picture for this process)

Now I have my first high low skirt and thanks to the cut, I have also discovered that this type of skirt will be the next essential wardrobe in my personal style. I’m thinking to make the second and the third. Will tell you when I made them…



I’ll see you next week, friends. 😉


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