DIY Fashion Epaulettes


OK, It is probably a last year’s trend. I told you I am not trendy. But I love this things on any uniforms; from army to scout, from prince to marching band. Fashion epaulettes has always brings charm to everyone’s outfit. They also creates a beautiful wide effect on someone’s shoulders. And the most important thing, they’ve made everything looks so elegant.

Nonetheless, I’ve always imaging this things worn in a formal occasions. I have considered it as a beautiful but not flexible fashion item and ignored it for (let say) one year. Lately I discovered some (celebrities) pictures, wearing some sparkling epaulettes with a t-shirts and jeans. I was like; “Gosh where’ve I been!” and I finally found a reason to make a pair of them.

Tools & materials:


1. Some sheets of black felt (or any color that you like).

2. Three different size of chains.

3. Some materials to embellish your epaulettes. I have used a pair of silver belt buckles and some sequins ribbons.

4. Some safety pins (those who have a flat base)

5. Hot glue gun.

6. Some embroidery threads with the same color with the felt ( if you are working with belt buckles like me) to cover the central line of the belt buckle.

The process:



1. Cut one sheet of felt to the shape that we desire. Create 3 more sheets with the same shape and measurement.

2. Embellish the first two sheets. If you are using belt buckle, cover the center line with embroidery threads.

3. Than you can simply use a hot glue gun for the rest of embellishing process.

4. Take the last 2 sheets of felt. Sew some chains near the edges, manage those chains to hang beautifully on your arms.

5. Glue the first (embellished) sheet on the second sheet (of felts)

6. Add two safety pins under the second sheet; first near the top edge in a vertical position and second near the below edge in a horizontal position. Or if you want to make it permanent on a certain cloth, all you need is to sew it to the cloth.

And… you’ll have your own pair of epaulettes! I was so exited to style it on some of my wardrobes. So I made some experiments on it which where I’ve got………

The looks:




See you next week ladies!


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