DIY Pretty Pinky Kaftan

promoHallo beautiful peoples,

Remember some scrap lace that I posted on my Instagram?

My mom in law is a tailor and her clients usually came to her to make their kebaya. Therefore she have so many scraps of lace and brocade (the famous material to make kebaya nowadays). She knew how crafty I am. So she asked me to take over her scrap fabrics. I was super excited.

Than I decided to make a kaftan out of a scrap lace. Why scrap lace? Because the main ornaments of the kaftan is embroideries, we can either buy a ‘ready to wear’ embroidery or…. simply cut them from a scrap brocade (or lace) and arrange them on the kaftan.

scrap lace

In US and Europe peoples usually wore kaftan in a non formal form. But in Indonesia and some Moslem countries… we can also wear it in a formal form. A formal kaftan usually made from a colorful satin with some embroidery details on the satin. It could be a long or a short kaftan. Outfit like this are very popular to be wear on weddings (not for the bride) or some religion celebration nowadays. So I made one and wore it on my brother in law’s wedding. My kaftan is the short one and I will show you how I made it.

1) I cutted a cluster of lace exactly as their shape.

2) I arranged the cluster to get a draft of the collar details, that was also how I found that I have cutted enough laces.


3) I folded the satin divided by 4 and turned it into that pattern (folded on the top edge).

4) That is how I got the round shape.

5) I was too lazy to hem the edges, so I went to my mom in law’s house to made a serger stitch all around the edges and the collar whole.

6) I pinned a cluster of lace on the satin and hand sewn them. Using a similar thread color with the embroidery, I made a baste stitch to stick all the over the lace cluster. I did the same on sleeves part. I concentrated to hide the stitch on the right side, so please excuse the messy stitch on the wrong side. πŸ˜‰



7) I sew two slash lines with my hip and bust measurements.

I am in Medan now and the wedding was happened on last Sunday. The wedding was held in a colorful Batak Mandailing tradition. Please be noted that Indonesia is a very wide country with 5 big islands separated by oceans and seas. So the wedding was so interesting, even for me.

I wore my kaftan with a batik long skirt and a DIY clutch that will be our ‘next week topic’. Let’s take a look on the wedding pictures and (of course) the picture of me wearing my Pretty Pinky Kaftan.





wed3The official wedding ceremony in Indonesia, are based on the couple’s religion. It was an Islamic Wedding Ceremony. Than followed by a traditional wedding ceremony (optional) usually based on parent’s tribe.


Groom & Bride’s throne


One of the ritual : Parents feed the newly wed couple.


Proudly presents Mr & Mrs Nogusta Isdiyanto.

I’ll see you next week.

PS : Click here to see more pictures and details about the wedding.



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