DIY Pinky Clutch


Hallo DIY-ers….

Remember this look from last week post?

promo 2

promo 3

So, I have worn my DIY Kaftan together with a DIY Clutch (or hand-) bag. And that is what I’m going to share, this week.

This is another thing that I did with my mom in law’s scrap brocades. I found one in a bright pink color and I thought that will be a perfect combination with my kaftan. Than I made a simple hand bag out of that pink brocade.

Together with some basic sewing tools, I have used a short list of materials;

step 1

1) A sheet of 40cm x 40cm Pink Scrap Lace

2) A sheet of 40cm x 40cm black cotton fabrics (as a base)

3) A zipper (7-8inches length)

4) 4 sheets of black cotton fabrics with the length that should be the zipper length + ½ inch for seam allowance and width around 3inches.

5) 2 sheets of fusible web adhesive (you can either use the 1 side or two sides adhesive). I cutted the fusible web with the same material number (4) measurement but without seam allowances.

step 2

I ironed a sheet of fusible web between 2 sheets of black fabrics, I made sure it centre placed. I did the same once again. Than I got a twin of ‘zipper part’.

step 3

I pinned and sewed the zipper on the long edges, connected the twin.

step 4

I folded the zipper part, right side together, pinned the wide edges together and sewed.

step 5

I got this look when I reversed the zipper part.

step 6

Than I left the zipper part and start to making the bag part. I placed the square of brocade on the square of black fabric than I folded them once, right side together. I pinned them together, drew a stitch line and sewed.

step 7

I reversed the bag part and now I have the bag and zipper part like so…

step 8

Using some pins, I continued with make some ruffles on the top of the bag part. Those ruffles should be ended in the same width with the zipper part.

step 9

step 10

I reversed the zipper part, than I pinned the ruffles to the zipper part, right side of the bag facing the right side of the zipper part.

step 11

And finally, I sewed them together and I got a clutch bag when I reversed the zipper part again.

step 12

Et voila! Yeayyyy … I was so excited to got something to be hold on my brother in law’s wedding.

galeri 1

galeri 2

galeri 4

galeri 3

And… I am pretty sure that I will hold it even when I wear jeans or short pants. Don’t you think so?

See you next week!



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