Proyek Akhir Minggu on INTISARI Magazine


First of all let me tell you a little story about Intisari Magazine. It is one of some oldest magazine in Indonesia, also the first magazine of Kompas Gramedia (the biggest publisher in Indonesia). Unlike many young magazines that have a specific content, Intisari stay on it various content such as science, health, travel, technology, books, crime, and many inspirational articles. But like it name INTISARI (means essence/ quintessence/ core) they only present the best of the best of each topic. The contents are non-politics and non-opinions, they are pure of human interest. Therefore, even after the internet era, and even after their 50th birthday (this year) they still have millions of fanatic readers. I’ve tried to find the birthday edition (September edition) in Yogyakarta and they all sold out.

As one of Intisari magazine’s big fan, it was an honor to me to speak on refashion issue. I can say that this issue is something new in Indonesia. The reporter, Brigitta Ajeng, told me that it was not easy for her to find her interviewees. Even though, I knew so many peoples did it but less share it. Fortunately, she found Proyek Akhir Minggu … and that was the story how my pictures appear in their October Edition.



So, let’s hope there are more people in Indonesia get inspired by this blog and let’s hope all the best for our next projects on Proyek Akhir Minggu.

Thank you for stopped by.


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