REFASHION OF THE MONTH | One and Two Pinterest Challenges

foto mesin jahit

Hallo beautiful peoples….

Right now I am in a very serious sewing sessions with my mother in law. Yep, using that beautiful old lady, branded ‘Butterfly’. That one belongs to my mom in law and the sessions are a preparations of my very own sewing machine. 😀 Yes world.. by this story, you know that… I hand sewed all my projects behind. 😉

foto latihan

As a beginner … This week, I’m coming with no idea from myself, all I wanted is practice and practice. Besides, it’s been a while since my last ‘Pinterest Challenges’. So I ended up made my versions of this cardigan conversion…..


And this fabulous t-shirt refashion…


Click on the pictures and you’ll get the tutorials from those inspiring blogs; Delia Creates and Merricks Art.

I use this beautiful fabrics to support the projects. The flower print for the cardigan lining and the neon green for the back and pocket parts of the second project.

foto bahan

Here is my versions from the above projects;

foto before 1

foto after 1

foto before 2

foto after 2

The only different on how I made the second project was I changed all the back side and I kept it without sleeves.

Thank you for stopped by.


6 thoughts on “REFASHION OF THE MONTH | One and Two Pinterest Challenges

  1. You’ve been hand sewing? Wow! Lots of patience. 🙂 Hope you have many wonderful adventures with your sewing machine.

    • Yes I did. 😀 Durations… that’s all the difference I think.
      And yes… I’m having so much fun with my sewing machine because I can be more….productive. 😉
      Thank you Sharon.

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