FUN SEWING | A Fit & Flare Skirt for A Kebaya Legacy


Hi all!

I got a legacy! A very classic ‘kebaya’ from my mother in law. It was husband’s grandmother’s kebaya.

This kind of kebaya famous as ‘kebaya si mbok’. ‘Si Mbok’ itself means mother or an old lady. As how people call it, lately, this kind of kebaya used by old ladies in a traditional market or in a very restricted village, or for traditional theme costume events.


This is sad, because I really love this model even more than a modern  contemporary kebaya. The patterns expose a woman body’s curves very well and created a very elegant look, also, since thode old ladies wear it every day, most of them made from a very comfort fabrics.

OK… I will talk more about it later when I make a copy of this kebaya. I’m planning to make many of this.

When I got the kebaya, I was thinking of; what to pair it? Wear it with sarong is too conventional and obvious. Besides, I still love to look chic even when I’m wearing a traditional items. That way, I can use those traditional items on many events.

Than I found this tutorial by Q2HAN channel and realized that a fit & flare skirt will be agreat pair to the kebaya. In other side, I’ve always wanted to have one fit & flare skirt and speaking of a sewing video tutorial… Q2HAN channel is my favorite. This girl made sewing became a fun and easy thing for a beginner like me. If you are a beginner, I suggest you to watch (and subscribe) her channel. So, I decided to make one fit & flare skirt, using her tutorial.

Unfortunately, Q2HAN always started with copying a pattern from an existing wardrobe, which I think a very clever idea. But I don’t have a mini skirt to be copy. And I thought, I need one pattern of this basic item. So first I went to this tutorial by Threadbanger channel to make my basic skirt pattern than continued followed the Q2HAN’s tutorial. The only difference between the skirt in the tutorial and mine, is the length.


And… voila! I got something great to pair with a precious family legacy….

ImageImageImageand to pair with other basic items….


This post made me thinking of a kebaya tutorial series. What do you think?

See you! 😀


5 thoughts on “FUN SEWING | A Fit & Flare Skirt for A Kebaya Legacy

    • I was also surprised that I have shoes that matched to the skirt.
      The black lace is a very classic style of kebaya (one of Indonesian’s female traditional outfit).
      Thank you for stopped by.

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