RANDOM REPURPOSE | 4 Reasons for Chinese Knot Closures

Photo Credit : http://www.cits.net/

Chinese Cheongsam has brought a significant influence in many fashion products… and Chinese knot closures is a very important element that came with this package.


Photo credit : (left) http://media.vogue.com/, (right) Marcus Tondo/GoRunway.com

I’m so in love with these items; they are beautiful, elegant and artistic. But still, no matter how I like them, I can’t apply them on all of my wardrobes. I’ve been thinking of using them for other purposes but never took a serious research on it. I often went to purchase more chinese knot closures but I’ve always disappointed with the colors and size.

One day, I found this tutorial on Pinterest. A tutorial on how to make a chinese knot closure. What made me so interesting was; they came in my favorite shape. Yes, there are some of chinese knots, but this one is my favorite shape.

In less than five minutes, I’ve got some ideas in my mind. I decided to made my own closures, that is how I can get my costumize color and size.


So, here I made 3 pairs of closures in silver, red and blue. I added two pairs of my existing closures in white and black and they were all ready to be more than … a closure.



I applied some jump rings and a small size chain… So I got a bracelet. How fun! Not even required any closure, because it’s a closure itself. πŸ˜‰



I glued a pair unto two ring templates and I got a double finger rings!


I glued a pair unto a metal headband and look how beautiful it turned.



I glued a pair on earring templates than went on to the fun part; embellished them with some sparkling beads…. And here I got a pair of beautiful earrings.


I was very happy with the earrings… So I made the second one.


Now we have at least 4 reasons to grab and make more chinese knot closures. Which one do you like the most?



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