DIY Journey to The New Style

kimono cardigan

Halo beautiful peoples,

How are you?

I know… I know… there is nothing more awful than my absence of posting that (this time) took months. We’ve just moved to a new house and I’ve been thinking to start a weekly posting again. Therefore, I thought I need some preparations. Never thought that the preparations will be this long.

OK! Enough with my non-reasonable reasons. Let’s see what I’m going to talk this week;

During my absences, I did some projects for Proyek Akhir Minggu. I just have no idea why I was so lazy to sit and type some stories about them.

I’m quite crazy of Bohemian Style lately… That is how I ended up created some basic items that match to this particular style. Some awesome ladies on youtube helped with their videos, that is why I will mention them in my story this week. I’m actually considering to transform my style into this Boho stle. Be ready! Coz I will talk about it often.

So if you love Bohemian Style, you probably familiar with some basic items below;


kimono cardigan 2

There are a lot of DIY tutorials will lead you to make this trending summer outfit. I love this video tutorial. It has a simple process that you don’t even need a sewing machine or sewing patterns.

But if you want a professional finish or if you want to keep a pattern to make something similar in the future, you should go to this tutorial by q2han.



highwaisted short

highwaisted short 2

Is another essential item of bohemian style. The best tutorial to create high waisted short is (again) from q2han. Have I mentioned that they have a fabulous sewing channel?



distressed jeans 1

distressed jeans 2

They said; you need to destroy a pair of jeans to get a hippi look. And this tutorial from Andreaschoice will help you to get a fluffy distressed spot on your selected denim short.


offshoulder tshirt 2

Another reason to destroy a piece of wardrobe. This tutorial from petitestyle will help you to create a perfect ‘off shoulder’ look without sacrificing your favorite t-shirts.

The last but not least…


maxi dress

As an ultimate piece of Bohemian style… DIY-er from around the world has made their efforts to share tutorials on how to make a maxi dress. This item opens up for so many style and possibilities. I’ve made one. So, I want to give my contribution too. Next week I will share to you how to make a maxi dress in my version.

Until next week lovelies!


2 thoughts on “DIY Journey to The New Style

  1. Setelah baca ini langsung potong dua kaos :p
    Sambil menunggu tutorial maxi dressnya. Aku pernah buat satu maxi dress lalu gagal karena kesempitan huhu

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