My Version | DIY Maxi Dress


Hallo there! How are you friends? It’s weekend again. I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

In my journey to complete my bohemian basic collections, I have made that maxi dress. I’ve worn the dress for the first time when I went to KINEMA Studio during my visit to Batam Island (my hometown), last month. This is a film and animation studio that involved on some Asia’s feature films and TV series. They have some non-permanent movie sets like Australian-Singaporean TV series Serangoon Road and the Japanese soon to be released feature film Joker Games.

foto IFW3

That was a super fun yet interesting place to launched my new maxi dress. Here is a picture of me on the set of Serangoon Road;


You can see more pictures story of me and my husband on this interesting tour here.

Back to the dress topic. I’ve promised you to share my process on the making. So here we go;

I made a pattern for the top part of the dress. But don’t worry, the pattern making will be very simple. Also, one benefit on making a pattern that you can keep it to make another same wardrobe with a different colors, materials and graphic patterns. So don’t forget to give a good treatment on your dress pattern. Now let’s get started, shall we?!


1. Take your favorite not-so-fitted-t-shirt, fold in a half and trace only the neck and shoulder line. Add 1/2inch for seam allowances.


2. Measure the length from your the shoulder point to your waistline and make a straight line to that measurement. Now make another straight line for the waistline. That will be your ‘back side pattern’.

3. Using the back side pattern, stick it unto another newspaper (since it’s my favorite paper for making patterns). Measure your center front neckline and mark it on the pattern.


4. Make a diagonal line, connecting the back pattern neckline, center front neckline and the waistline. Trace it on the new newspaper.

5. Add seam allowances and that will be your front pattern. By this point you will have your top and bottom patterns and they should look like this.


It’s time cut the fabric using this patterns. Don’t forget that you should cut 2sheets for the front side and cut on fold for the back side.


6. Moving on to the the bottom part. There are no pattern required. Cut the fabric with this measurement ;

Length : Your desire length of the dress + ½ inch for seam allowances.

Wide : Your hip round measurement + (minimum) ½ the hip round measurement.

Fold the fabric in a half, mark the length of the slit, sew (don’t stitch the slit).


7 & 8. Fold the slit inside and hem. Now manage the position of the slit and pin the fabric to mark the position.


9. Take the top fabrics and hem (only) the neckline of the front and back sides.

10. Pin them into their positions (see the picture), right side facing right side. Leaving the arm wholes, sew the shoulder and side lines. Hem, the arm wholes.


11. Baste stitch to hold the overlap part on the front side.

12. Normally, the bottom part wider than the top part. You should make them have the same wide by baste stitch the bottom part and make ruffles until it have the same wide with the top.


13 & 14. Pin the top part unto the bottom part together, right side facing right side, and sew.


15. Take some elastic with the same measurement with your (actual) waist round measurement. Using a normal straight stitch (even an old sewing machine can do it), pull the elastic while you sew it unto the dresses waist round.

You will need to hem the bottom line of the dress before it ready to wear. Enjoy your new dress ladies! I’ll see you next week. Don’t forget to keep create things.



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