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Halo friends…

Ever since I saw this sheer fashion trend on Spring/Summer 2014 Runway, I knew will DIY it. I was considering to sew a new top or skirt, but a few days ago I found again this open back purple dress.

before frontbefore backI have worn that dress a few little times because it was too short for me and I’ve been worn it with a short pants inside it. I wish to wear this dress often because … you know how much I love open back dresses.

It’s been a while since my last refashion and I needed a ‘new’ dress for a wedding. So I bought one meter of sheer fabric and cut it 2 times the length I wanted and the same width with the skirt round.

materialI continued sew the side edges of the fabric together.

step 1Than I placed the fabric right side facing the right side of the dress and stick the edge together using a double-sided tape. This was my trick to sew that super thin sheer, pins will only move the sheer and make me crazy.

step 2Later, I made a stitch just above the double side tape line, this way I can remove the tape after that step.

step 3

Please excuse the blur, this shoot was made in almost 0% of battery. The camera was turned off just a second after.

Finally, I fold the fabric inside and top stitched.

step 4So that was it! I got my ‘new’ dress for the wedding.

galeri 1

galeri 2Even though the sheer length is a little bit awkward for a mini dress, I am happy with the result. I wanted to replace the ‘mini dress’ characteristic into more hippie or gypsy characteristic, and I guess I got it with that awkward length. 😉

I’ll see you soon!

galeri 3



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