Halo new friends,

Welcome to my Proyek Akhir Minggu. My name is Chonie Prysillia and so far I am the only admin and contributor in this blog. I am a freelance writer, crafter, dancer and also… someone’s wife. 😀
I love art and craft. I also love fashion, but in my own ways. I enjoy making my own things since teenager. Peoples around me knows me very well, when I started making things, nobody can stop me. That’s why the DIY movement is just… soo me. Even when I still worked in the office hour, I often spent my weekends making dress and publish it in my personal blog. Many peoples loves it, surprisingly. Currently I have more time to create more things and I still enjoy to sharing. Therefore, I have decided to create this blog.
Through this blog, I’m sharing all practical creativities and inspirations. All comes from my own life style. Proyek Akhir Minggu means ‘weekend projects’ in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language). I use that name to remembering my passionate weekends between my boring working days, also to be a reminder of my commitment on this blog (to post every week). Uuuhhh, sounds very serious, huh?
This blog will be updated every week. So why don’t you stay a while, check out my posts, leave your great toughts in comment column, and subscribe (if you think they are cool). I will gladly read and reply..

Warmest regards from Indonesia,


5 thoughts on “About

  1. White Wall says:

    I loove all your DIY’s. ❤ hopefully I cam make one of those sooon! Keep it up. Followed you!

    • Halo dear,

      i’m glad you like them. Sure… I will keep it up…. please update me when you make one. I can’t wait to see it.

      Thank you for visiting and following.


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