SPECIAL PROJECT | ‘Rojo/Merah’ ~ Galih’s Dress Part 2 (end)

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Halo friends,

It’s been a week since my last post and this is the Part 2 of how I made that dress. And continuing the previous post, here, I will tell you the sewing process. For those who found this post by random and having no idea what I’m talking about, all I can say is; That girl is Galih, she is wearing a dress that I designed and made (together with 2 other dresses) as her costume in a dance theater performance called ‘Rojo/Merah’ by AKAR Dance Theater Company. Here’s some pictures of Galih wearing the dress on the stage.

on the stage 2

on stage 1

on the stage 3

You may check my previous post here, where you can find a complete background story about this project and also a the instructions of Galih’s dress pattern making.

In the previous post, I have mentioned that I made two versions of each dresses, first one for me and the second one for the performer. For this dress, I’ve documented the process of the first version, which made for me. And this is the result;

Chonie 3

Chonie 2

That is why I can only share a tutorial based on my dress. Don’t worry… It has only a few non-principal differences with Galih’s dress. They are explained in a picture below;


  1. Well this is a fabric problem. Galih’s dress using stretchy lace fabrics that has scallops edge and mine using a stretchy lace fabric without scallops. I’ll explain how I finished my edges in the ‘step by step’ part.
  2. My dress having a regular bottom hem, while Galih’s dress has 2 side slits. If you want those slits you can use the same slits process from this tunic dress by Corrine’s Thread, just make sure that you pick the straight stretch stitch on your sewing machine.
  3. One of the director’s revision from the original designs was a request to reduce the lace part from Galih’s dress. So, at the end, the lace parts was only applied to a small piece from the chest to shoulder (for the front side) and from waist to shoulder (for the back side). Considering the ombre knit fabric for the base color, I thought that was a good decision.

Ok. Let’s moving on to the sewing tutorial.

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SPECIAL PROJECT | ‘Rojo/Merah’ ~ Introduction & Galih’s Dress Part 1


Photo credit : Diego Zapatero


Hallo creators,

First of all… Happy new years to all of you! May we creates more and more awesome things in 2015. So let’s start this good year with a sweet memories of 2014 that will bring us to this (and a few following posts).

I have a friend named Anna Estelles, a very talented Spanish artist that also a director of AKAR Dance Theater Company. I’ve been working with her, doing AKAR’s communication & documentation since the company was born. She was also noticed about what I’m doing in ProyekAkhirMinggu and found some cool stuffs I made in this blog. In short, she understand my desire on designing a product and (in the same time) big interest to upgrade my sewing ability.

One day she asked my contribution to design and make costumes for AKAR’s performance titled ‘ROJO/MERAH’ (Spanish & Bahasa Indonesia language of ‘red’). That performance went on tour in some cities in Indonesia from the end of October to the middle of November 2014. Are you kidding me? Of course I said ‘yes.



A few second after the ‘yes’, considering my sewing ability, I knew I was in trouble. I’ve never sew for another person than myself and we are not talking about clothes for ordinary activities, we are talking about clothes for dancing. Luckily, the world invented some durable materials we called ‘stretch fabrics’, but guess what? I’ve never working with those materials (ever) before.

But I did it anyway. And like a real designer, I started the project with sketches. The director wanted some costumes that suits the dancer’s characters and there are 3 beautiful ladies involved in the performance, which means one design for each person. Can you see how I was in trouble?

Anyway… Here is my very original sketches for this project;

Original Design - Galih

Original design - Citra

Original Design - Vatia

Fortunately, the director was agreed to proceed the sketches with only 5% revisions. Not confident with my own pattern making and sewing ability, the last thing I wanted was to ruin the real fabrics. So I bought some similar fabrics and made 2 versions for each costumes, first for myself and the second one for the dancers/performers. Let’s consider the first versions as my pleasure simulations … because at the end of the project I got 3 dresses for myself. Oh, you know what I mean!

Now let’s see some pictures from the final fitting, a day before the tour begin;

Galih's FittingCitra's fitting

The entire show was amazingly beautiful. Anna was really showed up her artistic talent and her directing ability. The performers was also showed up their mesmerizing skills and talents. Some lighting and technical artists was also involved to created an awesome stage set. It was really a powerful yet soulful performance. They even created an artificial rain on the stage. Can you imagine the craziness up there?


Photo credit : Diego Zapatero


Photo credit : Diego Zapatero


Photo credit : Diego Zapatero


Photo credit : Diego Zapatero

together 1together 2

As for me, besides of working with awesome peoples, the director said, I did a good job for a beginner. Don’t trust me! Just take a closer look of the dresses on stage;


Photo credit : Diego Zapatero


Photo credit : Diego Zapatero

on stage 1

So that was an amazing story of my first experience as a designer that will bring us to the first post of 2015. Yes creative peoples, I will share my sewing process of that project … in tutorials.

I have showed you my 3 sketches; Galih’s dress, Citra’s dress and Vassia’s dress. Vassia’s dress is a one shoulder dress, something that we can find the tutorials everywhere in Internet. So I decided to skip that dress. I will only share Galih’s and Citra’s dress sewing process. Each dress will appear in 2 parts/posts (pattern making part and sewing part). And today, we are going to talk about Galih’s dress part one.

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RANDOM REPURPOSE | DIY Denim Recycle Crossbody Purse


Hallo creators!

Wow! It’s been a month…. and guess what? A new video tutorial just uploaded on youtube.

Remember this pants?

distressed jeans 2

That project made me have a pair of these to be recycled….

foto 1

I bet many of you having a similar leftover. So why not recycle it into a cool denim crossbody purse like I did?

Seems like a long journey? Trust me! It worth to try. I’ve spent 4 hours (more or less) to finished the purse (I am a beginner sewer). Also, while this project is possible to be hand stitched, I stitched it with my sewing machine. So you can add 1-2 hours if you are hand stitching. If you still too lazy, let me give you a photo series of the final product ( and how I styled it ) to motivate you.

galeri 1

galeri 5

galeri 4

galeri 2

galeri 6

What about that? Let me know when you try it! I’ll be very happy to see your version.

See you in the next post and keep create!

galeri 3






Top (left to right) : Calvin Klein, Phillip Lim | Bottom (left to right) : Reed Krakoff, Theyskens Theory | Photo Source : elle.com

Halo friends…

Ever since I saw this sheer fashion trend on Spring/Summer 2014 Runway, I knew will DIY it. I was considering to sew a new top or skirt, but a few days ago I found again this open back purple dress.

before frontbefore backI have worn that dress a few little times because it was too short for me and I’ve been worn it with a short pants inside it. I wish to wear this dress often because … you know how much I love open back dresses.

It’s been a while since my last refashion and I needed a ‘new’ dress for a wedding. So I bought one meter of sheer fabric and cut it 2 times the length I wanted and the same width with the skirt round.

materialI continued sew the side edges of the fabric together.

step 1Than I placed the fabric right side facing the right side of the dress and stick the edge together using a double-sided tape. This was my trick to sew that super thin sheer, pins will only move the sheer and make me crazy.

step 2Later, I made a stitch just above the double side tape line, this way I can remove the tape after that step.

step 3

Please excuse the blur, this shoot was made in almost 0% of battery. The camera was turned off just a second after.

Finally, I fold the fabric inside and top stitched.

step 4So that was it! I got my ‘new’ dress for the wedding.

galeri 1

galeri 2Even though the sheer length is a little bit awkward for a mini dress, I am happy with the result. I wanted to replace the ‘mini dress’ characteristic into more hippie or gypsy characteristic, and I guess I got it with that awkward length. 😉

I’ll see you soon!

galeri 3




Selamat kepada Nadia Carolina atas komentar berkesan-nya. Silahkan memilih hadiahnya yaaa….

Tetap kreatif dan support ProyekAkhirMinggu yaaa….

Terima kasih.

Catatan : Mohon maaf atas keterlambatan pengumuman.

RANDOM REPURPOSE | DIY Magazine Beads Bib Necklace (Plus National Giveaway)


Apa kabar teman kreatif?

Ohhh, semoga kita semua tetap diberi kekuatan untuk berkreasi. Si nyonya sempurna, demikian suami saya sering menyindir karena riset-riset gagal yang selalu enggan saya muat dalam ProyekAkhirMinggu. Dua minggu berlalu dan saya akhirnya mampu berbagi sesuatu dengan kalian.

kalung majalah model

Inspirasi kali ini adalah manik-manik kertas yang dulu sekali pernah saya pelajari di bangku sekolah dasar. Suatu hari ketika berselancar didunia maya, saya bertemu lagi dengan manik-manik kertas yang, secara mengejutkan, masih menarik bagi saya.

Foto paper beadsKini, seiring dengan bertambahnya pengetahuan saya tentang proses pembuatan aksesori, ide untuk menaikkan derajat manik-manik kertas pun mencuat. Sama halnya dengan saya yang sudah beberapa kali naik kelas, sejak pelajaran prakarya SD itu, manik kertas pun harus naik kelas dari koleksi gadis mungil ke koleksi wanita dewasa yang modern dan kreatif. Huffff… Lupakan yang terakhir itu! 😉

Manik-manik kertas yang saya buat kali ini terbuat dari lembaran majalah elektronik bekas. Hasil akhirnya adalah sebuah kalung yang berjuntai atau yang terkenal dengan bib necklace. Tak hanya satu, saya membuat dua buah kalung, dimana pada kalung kedua saya menggunakan kertas kado sebagai ganti majalah.

kalung majalah produk

kalung majalah model 2

Baik majalah bekas maupun kertas kado punya daya tarik tersendiri pada hasil akhirnya. Menggunakan majalah bekas, selain mengusung teknik daur ulang yang ramah lingkungan, juga merupakan proses yang sangat menarik, karena keberagaman warna dan konten majalah membuat setiap butir manik menjadi unik. Sementara dengan kertas kado kita lebih leluasa menentukan warna dan pola manik-manik yang kita inginkan.

kalung kertas kado produk

kalung kertas kado modelVIDEO TUTORIAL

Video berikut ini adalah langkah-langkah membuat Magazine Bib Necklace, mulai dari membuat manik-manik hingga cara merangkainya menjadi sebuah kalung;

Bahan dan alat yang saya gunakan antara lain;
Beberapa lembar majalah bekas (warna warni halaman iklan adalah favorit saya) atau kertas kado
1/2 meter rantai ukuran kecil
Lem Putih
Sejumlah ring berwarna sama dengan rantai
Tang pembulat, tang biasa dan tang pemotong
Sejumlah paku sembilan (kawat yang dibentuk seperti angka sembilan diujungnya, tersedia di toko-toko bahan kerajinan atau bisa juga buat sendiri dengan kawat meteran)
Pengait lobster (jika lingkar kalung tidak bisa melewati kepala)

Tools and material descriptions;
Magazine sheets or Wrapping paper sheets
Gold/silver plated chains
White glue or paper glue
Jump rings
Regular Nose pliers, Round nose pliers and wire cutter
Eye pins (you can also use regular wire, cut 1 1/2 inches and create a loop with round nose pliers)
Lobster clasp (optional)


foto kedua kalungTertarik untuk memiliki salah satu dari kedua kalung yang saya buat?
Nah, dalam posting ini juga saya akan memberikan salah satu dari kedua kalung yang saya buat tersebut.

Bagaimana caranya?

Sangat mudah! Teman-teman silahkan meninggalkan komentar dibawah ini. Komentar yang paling menarik akan saya umumkan tanggal 17 Agustus mendatang dan berhak untuk memilih satu dari kedua kalung itu, untuk kemudian saya kirimkan kepada ybs, gratis dan tanpa ongkos kirim. 😉

(Unfortunately, the giveaway is limited for those who live in Indonesia)

Semoga beruntung!


FUN SEWING | DIY Circular Vest


Apa kabar teman?

Apa kreasimu minggu ini? Jika belum ada, Proyek Akhir Minggu ini bisa jadi referensi buat kamu yang ingin menambah koleksi vest atau bolero untuk dipadankan dengan basic wardrobes di lemarimu..

Jangan kuatir wahai kamu yang baru belajar menjahit. Saya juga, kok! 😀 Circular Vest, seperti namanya, memiliki bentuk pola dasar yang sangat sederhana yaitu … lingkaran. lol

Ketika berselancar mencari-cari proses yang mudah untuk jenis wardrobe ini, saya menemukan artikel pada Thread Magazine ini. Pengukuran dan pembuatan pola dijelaskan dengan sangat baik disana Nah, proses saya sedikit lebih sederhana dari link tersebut.

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