RANDOM REPURPOSE | DIY Denim Recycle Crossbody Purse


Hallo creators!

Wow! It’s been a month…. and guess what? A new video tutorial just uploaded on youtube.

Remember this pants?

distressed jeans 2

That project made me have a pair of these to be recycled….

foto 1

I bet many of you having a similar leftover. So why not recycle it into a cool denim crossbody purse like I did?

Seems like a long journey? Trust me! It worth to try. I’ve spent 4 hours (more or less) to finished the purse (I am a beginner sewer). Also, while this project is possible to be hand stitched, I stitched it with my sewing machine. So you can add 1-2 hours if you are hand stitching. If you still too lazy, let me give you a photo series of the final product ( and how I styled it ) to motivate you.

galeri 1

galeri 5

galeri 4

galeri 2

galeri 6

What about that? Let me know when you try it! I’ll be very happy to see your version.

See you in the next post and keep create!

galeri 3




REFASHION OF THE MONTH | A Little ‘Back’ Dress


Look who’s popped up on Sheri’s super interesting blog!

As the blog tagged as a ‘Confessions Of A Refashionista’ … I would like to confess that; I have kept this refashion idea since Sheri published her invitation to share our creation. As the weeks passed, I was busy with my own posts, and finally I got some time to realized my idea for Sheri. So here we go….
A Little Black Dress has transformed to A Little ‘Back’ Dress.


All you have to do is click on this link and you’ll get my tutorial.

I hope you (and Sheri’s reader) enjoy it! See yaaa!!!!


FUN SEWING | My Very First A-Line Skirt


It was started when I watched ‘Populaire’ and (again) falling in love with those skirts of Rose’s. It is fun to see the era when peoples are so lavish with fabrics and girls swings their skirts. The other thing is, I never made a skirt with a pattern before. And since I’m in a serious sewing learning now, I  got so excited to have more and more pattern.

Than I continued with finding for the best tutorial. I was so amazed, some people made a very easy tutorial on a circle skirts. Unfortunately, that ‘radius’ method is not very flexible with all fabric size that available in your house. Most of the fabrics in Indonesia comes in 1,25meter wide. If you fold it twice, with different directions, you might not get a skirt that fall under your knees (which my favorite). Fortunately, I found the solution on this video of Q2HAN. See how she made the skirt part of the dress? That’s the basic idea on how I made my skirt.

I was actually planned to make a circle skirt, but since I don’t have fabric, I ended made an A-Line skirt. The good news is, using this method, you can make an A-line skirt or a circle skirt, depends on your available fabrics (I’ll explain about it in the step by step pictures). No formula, just your waist measurement.

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RUNWAY COPY | DIY Altuzarra Spring 2014 Runway Necklace & Bangle


Seems like all fashion medias got Mercedes Benz Fashion week as their headlines. And I was enjoyed and got inspired by some of their runway pictures. Some ideas came on my mind and they brought me an idea to have a ‘Runway Copy’ posts series as the first mate of ‘Refashion Of The Month Series’

How about a set of bangle and necklace that pop up on Altuzarra’s Spring 2014 runway?

ImageLet’s try to make the copy of them:

The Materials

ImageA meter of cable

A metal headband

A big hairpin

Super Glue (something that dry fast)

Gold Acrylic Spray Paint

The Process

ImageI did the same with the bangle. The only different was I use a big hair pin (turned it into a bangle shape with a plier) to replaced the metal head band.


and… finally the look…



ImageSee you next week! Thank you for stopping by… 🙂

DIY Magazine Clutch


One weekend, we went out to go to a traditional market and found some shops of old magazines.It brought me an idea to make one thing that I’ve always wanted; a magazine clutch. So I purchased some old editions of ‘DEWI’ (Indonesian prestigious fashion magazine).


I have seen so many tutorials on magazine clutch but a video tutorial from Fashion Riot seems very easy to be make and using some materials that available in Indonesia. Unfortunately the clutch from Fashion Riot were too slim. I need something that I can throw some stuffs inside it.

While there are so many interesting pages inside it, seems like everybody made a magazine clutch out of the cover of the magazine. The composition of pictures and typography (of title and paragraphs) was something interesting to be exposed for me. So I decided to pick up some interesting pages to be my… magazine clutch.

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DIY Pretty Pinky Kaftan

promoHallo beautiful peoples,

Remember some scrap lace that I posted on my Instagram?

My mom in law is a tailor and her clients usually came to her to make their kebaya. Therefore she have so many scraps of lace and brocade (the famous material to make kebaya nowadays). She knew how crafty I am. So she asked me to take over her scrap fabrics. I was super excited.

Than I decided to make a kaftan out of a scrap lace. Why scrap lace? Because the main ornaments of the kaftan is embroideries, we can either buy a ‘ready to wear’ embroidery or…. simply cut them from a scrap brocade (or lace) and arrange them on the kaftan.

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