RANDOM REPURPOSE | DIY Denim Recycle Crossbody Purse


Hallo creators!

Wow! It’s been a month…. and guess what? A new video tutorial just uploaded on youtube.

Remember this pants?

distressed jeans 2

That project made me have a pair of these to be recycled….

foto 1

I bet many of you having a similar leftover. So why not recycle it into a cool denim crossbody purse like I did?

Seems like a long journey? Trust me! It worth to try. I’ve spent 4 hours (more or less) to finished the purse (I am a beginner sewer). Also, while this project is possible to be hand stitched, I stitched it with my sewing machine. So you can add 1-2 hours if you are hand stitching. If you still too lazy, let me give you a photo series of the final product ( and how I styled it ) to motivate you.

galeri 1

galeri 5

galeri 4

galeri 2

galeri 6

What about that? Let me know when you try it! I’ll be very happy to see your version.

See you in the next post and keep create!

galeri 3




DIY Magazine Clutch


One weekend, we went out to go to a traditional market and found some shops of old magazines.It brought me an idea to make one thing that I’ve always wanted; a magazine clutch. So I purchased some old editions of ‘DEWI’ (Indonesian prestigious fashion magazine).


I have seen so many tutorials on magazine clutch but a video tutorial from Fashion Riot seems very easy to be make and using some materials that available in Indonesia. Unfortunately the clutch from Fashion Riot were too slim. I need something that I can throw some stuffs inside it.

While there are so many interesting pages inside it, seems like everybody made a magazine clutch out of the cover of the magazine. The composition of pictures and typography (of title and paragraphs) was something interesting to be exposed for me. So I decided to pick up some interesting pages to be my… magazine clutch.

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